Monday, May 4, 2009

Brown and Blue and Orange all over

Yeah- between training camp and late night boozing--I DO have this for this. My friend just rearranged all the letters on my keyboard to go back to the QWERTY format. (I had torn them out to spell "Jay Cutlr is @we$0m!" across the top.) it took forever and half to figure out how to type with that, so dude McFriend of mine fixed it. now i can type clearly again.

Remember that one game when like, that dude from our team ran it back 108 yds. for a touchdown? Yeah I mean I played for the Nuggets then, but I was still blue and orange. and I'm pretty sure I knew I was going to be a bear, yeah. Then I realized how lucky I was.

I love the colors blue and orange. I BLEED blue and orange. I eat only blueberries and oranges--and no the diabetes was not a direct result of this diet; doctor McFixjay said so. When the new coach of the Avalanche, Josh McDaniels, said I was going to be traded, I was a little surprised, distraught, and aggravated, not to mention that writing this thought down would cause severe comma splices in my blog. BUT - when he told me I was going to be traded to Chi-town, a team that was blue and orange just like the Rockies I had played for for years, I was ex-static...eggstatic? I was excited. Like Andy Reid meeting Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man excited.

My pajamas, my inner-lip tattoo, my hairless ferret--all of them could stay orange and blue without any consequence!! When I first phoned my friends and family- they were excited but concerned at the same time- they were unsure how I would adapt to the bigger city environment. They asked questions about where I'd live, who I knew, etc. Not one person was excited for me in that I'd be wearing the same colors...well almost. Bear Blue is a little different from Bronco Blue. That's a little silly really.

I told my friends no to worry- I'd find the bluest and orangest place around. At my house warming party, I served only blue and orange drinks--but apparently orange and blue liquer don't mix well together stomachwise, and peeps were vomiting purple all night long. As my home slowly turned into a vomitvest of unBEARable proportions, I stepped out on the deck of my new place (hoping I wouldnt collapse like in that one ER episode... OMG HORRIFIC) and reflected on how great I was going to look in Bear Orange and Bear Blue this fall. Though my insulin pump told me I needed more insulin, my heart pump told me I was in the right place. at the right time. Doing the right thing. 

Here I come Chicago!
thought over,
Jay C


  1. it was all planned wasn;t it? Bear down

  2. Dude you crack me up! Your Twitter posts are Hilarious. Especially the Rex one. We're excited your our rocket-armed QB. cant wait for the season to start. The city is behind you. Josh McDickhead is a douche bag and he just screwed the Broncos for the next 10 years.

  3. Can't wait for the season to start!! Welcome to Chi-town :)

  4. Bear Down new friend.
    I may get an inner-lip tattoo of Ditka and Lovie on a ferris wheel.


    postscript-davis has some brilliant 3rd down hands.

  5. Can bearly wait til football season!!!

  6. just curious, do chicks dig insulin pumps?? i'm thinking of getting one.