Thursday, June 18, 2009

Six Degrees of Brandon Marshall

Almost everyone and their mothers has been asking me about Plaxico Burress, Brandon Marshall, Terry Bradshaw, or Chad Ochocinco. People ask if I'd like Plax or Marshall to play for the Bears. Others proclaim that I simply don't have the 'chemistry' to bond with these players. That's totally a lie and stuff. To prove just HOW connected I am with these players, I'll connect them with anything. any person. watch.

Six Degress of Brandon Marshall

~ Willy Wonka to Brandon Marshall ~

1. Easy. Willy Wonka made candy and gum - gum is chewed in the Chris Brown doublemint gum commercial - Chris Brown loves a good domestic dispute - as does BRANDON MARSHALL. OK see we're on the same page. I know this guy. lets do a tougher one.

~ The Chicago Bears to Brandon Marshall
2. Ok. lets make it interesting. The Chicago Bears are in the same conference as the Green Bay Packers, who have two wide receivers on their team from Western Michigan University, which is in MICHIGAN, where the Lions play and would most likely have drafted BRANDON MARSHALL if they'd had the first pick that year. (yeah he went like 4th round but whatev)
ok so maybe that wasnt as clean. But I'll do a tough one next.

 ~ A Bronco to Brandon Marshall
3. Hmm. imposssible. these two have nothing in common.

Donte Stallworth to Brandon Marshall to Plaxico Burress
4. Courtroom. the end.

Joking. I love these players . Any would benefit us on our way to our definite spot in the Super Bowl this year. 

Hoping to be on the cover of Madden 2011 at least,

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